• Have you always wanted to learn how to play the saxophone?
  • Do you want to learn to play the saxophone, but you just don’t have the time or the money to get private, one-on-one lessons?
  • Perhaps you’re already a beginner saxophone player, and you’re looking to get better… fast?

If want to learn how to play saxophone the right way, with the right technique, and begin to make beautiful music quickly, you’ve come to the right place…

Hi, I’m George. I’ve been playing saxophone for 8 years, and I was like you once. I played in my school orchestra, and I felt like I wasn’t learning fast enough.

I was a little fish in a big pond, and I didn’t get the kind of one-on-one attention I needed to really excel. I wasn’t awful, but I struggled to have that smooth, rich sound you hear from famous players when I first started.

What I really needed was one-on-one help…

Eventually I improved, but it’s taken me 8 years to get to the level I am at today.

It doesn’t have to be that way...

That’s why I developed “The Saxophone Guru” online training course. It’s a course taught by me that’s completely online.

It’s literally like having your very own private instructor teaching you how to play saxophone… at your own pace… in the comfort of your own home.

And, with my training course, you’ll be able to learn to play the right way…

You’ll get the one-on-one attention that you NEED to have that rich sound that all saxophone players long to have…

You’ll get me as your private instructor to take you by the hand and show you how to go from absolute beginner to expert.

  • I have been playing the saxophone for 8 years
  • I’m skilled in the art of improvisation
  • I have developed an amazingly rich sound… just like the pros!
  • I played live at the Royal Albert Hall in London… Most of you probably know what this is, but if not, check it out… It’s a BIG DEAL!
  • I love jazz! (You don’t have to aspire to be a great jazz musician to benefit from my training course, but you’ll learn the foundations to becoming a great jazz musician in my course)

It’s obvious that I’m a great musician, and I’m going to teach you to be the same.

  • Get started regardless of your experience level – No prior experience is required to learn how to play the saxophone with “The Saxophone Guru.”
  • Save Time – Because the entire course is online, you get to learn from the comfort of your home, so there’s no commuting to lessons.
  • Learn at Your Own Pace – Want to do a lesson a day? You can! Want to do a lesson every week? You can! You choose how fast you progress through “The Saxophone Guru.”
  • Become a Better Musician – If you need to work on something a bit more, simply go through the module again… You’ll be able to go through each module as often as you like because you get lifetime access to “The Saxophone Guru.”
  • Impress your friends or family with your newfound musical abilities
  • If you’re a student at a school, you’re guaranteed to get a better chair ranking on your next chair test… which means… better musical parts for you to play!
  • There’s nothing more embarrassing than an out of tune saxophone – You’ll learn how to quickly and easily tune your saxophone to ensure you always sound great!
  • Pricing is affordable for any budget… you’ll pay about the cost of a single lesson to get access to ALL of the lessons you’ll need to be a skilled saxophone player.
  • Learn how to cultivate a great personal embouchure… many beginners don’t learn this properly and their tone is forever dull and boring. I’ll teach you to have that smooth, rich tone that all of the professional saxophone players have.

Learn every note on the saxophone so you can pick-up your favorite piece of music and play it masterfully!

You get 23 video lessons (and growing) that show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Here’s an overview of the lessons inside The Saxophone Guru:

Module #1 – Getting Started

  1. Saxophone Guru Introduction – You’ll get an overview of the course and how to navigate the easy-to-use member’s area.
  2. What Saxophone Should you Buy? – You’ll learn the best type of saxophone to start with as a beginner… Don’t worry, if you’ve already got a saxophone, you’ll be fine and can still learn from the course.
  3. Mouthpieces - Arguably one of the most important parts of the saxophone. I'll tell you everything you need to know about them.
  4. Essential Accessories - You'll learn about all the accessories I personally recommend you to have.
  5. How to assemble your saxophone – This is crucial to your success as a beginner student
  6. Reading Music - Can't read music? No problem, i'll teach you exactly how in a matter of minutes!
  7. Your first note – Are you ready to make some music? This is where the fun really begins?
  8. How to finger every note – You’ll learn how to finger every single note on your saxophone… The great part is, you can come back to this lesson anytime you need a refresher.
  9. Tonguing Notes - You'll learn how to tongue notes using the correct technique.
  10. C Major Scale - I'll teach you exactly how to play the C Major scale in no time!
  11. D Major Scale - I'll teach you exactly how to play the D Major scale in no time!
  12. F Major Scale - I'll teach you exactly how to play the F Major scale in no time!

Module #2 – Improving Your Skills

13. Breath Support – Your breath support is one of the biggest keys to a beautiful tone… I’ll show you a little trick that makes this easy.

14. Fluency and Speed – In this lesson, you’ll learn how to take things up a notch and really start building some critical skills to make some great music.

15. Perfect Tuning – Ouch! There’s nothing worse than an out of tune saxophone player! You’ll learn how to always be in tune.

16. High Notes – High notes can be some of the most challenging… You’ll learn some “pro” tricks of the trade that will have you hitting the high notes in no time.

17. Practice Techniques – Want to make your practice sessions as valuable as possible? This lesson will show you everything you need to know.

18. Counting – Staying on beat as you play is crucial. You’ll learn the “ins and outs” of staying on count during this lesson.

19. Low Notes - Low Notes can be extremely difficult to get the hang of. I'll show you my own technique which will make you hit them perfectly every time.

Module #3 – Intermediate/Advanced Techniques

14. Sound – You now have the skills to start developing that beautifully rich sound that the saxophone is so famous for having… Inside this lesson, you’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your sound.

20. Basic Improvisation – Improvisation is one of the building blocks to a great saxophone player… and especially important if you’re interested in jazz… This lesson is a lot of fun!

21. Vibrato – You’ll learn how to easily add a perfect and natural vibrato to your music…

22. How to growl – A more advanced technique, but a “must learn” for any serious saxophone student.

23. Dynamics – One of the big things that separates a beginner musician from an advanced musician is the ability to use dynamics in your music… You’ll learn how, when, and why to add some sound variety to the music you’re playing.

Special Bonus Content

  1. Sheet Music – You’ll get access to sheet music for 9 different popular pieces that sound great on the saxophone… they’re also a lot of fun to play!
  2. Audio Tracks – All of the sheet music comes with audio tracks to play along with while you’re learning… This will help you really improve your skills quickly!
  3. 3.    Ask Me Questions – Although the content of the course is incredibly thorough, if you get stuck somewhere along the way, simply let me know, and I’ll PERSONALLY help you!
  4. Member’s Only Private Forum – Inside the online training area, you’ll be able to ask questions and talk to other members… as well as myself. You’ve got a community supporting you in your quest to learn the saxophone!

As you can see, inside “The Saxophone Guru,” you’ll get everything you need to learn how to play the saxophone in no time!

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Saxophone Guru helped me to develop my skills from a complete beginner into an intermediate player! The guides and video tutorials were fantastic and the personal tuition was extremely helpful for me.
I was skeptical at first when buying online lessons instead of having a personal teacher. However it was so much more convenient to learn in my own home, at the times that suited me. I took advantage of the 1-1 tuition and it was excellent. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn the saxophone.

Today, you can get lifetime access to “The Saxophone Guru” online training for the low price of just $49.99

If you were to go out and get private lessons, this might cover one or two lessons… maximum.

You’ll be able to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, from a highly-skilled musician for less than a dinner for two.

You’re going to get everything you need to learn to play the saxophone… starting today!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to play the saxophone, or you’re a beginner and looking to improve rapidly, you’d be crazy to NOT take advantage of this offer.

If you decide to take advantage of this offer you WILL:

  • Save money over private lessons
  • Learn to play the saxophone faster and better because you have a private instructor showing you EXACTLY what you need to do
  • Create good beginner habits that will make your tone beautiful as you mature as a musician
  • Become the skilled saxophone player you’ve wanted to become and play the amazing music that only the saxophone can play!

Or, you can click off the page, and NOT take advantage of this offer and you WILL:

  • Spend hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars if you choose to receive private instruction
  • Take YEARS to get where you want if you learn from your school or try to learn on your own
  • Develop bad habits that can take years to break… sometimes they can NEVER be broken and you’ll never have the beautiful sound you could have had by doing things the right way
  • You’ll procrastinate and never learn to play the saxophone...

Don’t put yourself in the position to live with regret over a small investment in yourself.

You want to learn to play the saxophone, and you deserve this.

It’s only 49 bucks for private, one-on-one lessons from an expert…

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You can take advantage of the money-back guarantee anytime during the 60-day guarantee period.

…even 10 minutes until midnight on the 59th day… or the day after you get access.

I’m confident that “The Saxophone Guru” will be worth many times your small investment of just $49.99… that’s why I’m taking all of the risk.

You really have nothing to lose unless you choose to NOT take advantage of this opportunity.

The investment for entry into “The Saxophone Guru” course is NEVER going to be any lower.

I’ve intentionally priced it low, so that anyone interested in learning to play the saxophone can afford to get access.

Although we’ve already received some great feedback from existing students, we’re looking for more success stories…

Once we’ve got a good core group of members and have received some more feedback and testimonials, the PRICE will increase.

Take advantage of this now.

Get all of the private instruction you’ll ever need to play saxophone beautifully… for the price of a single private lesson.

To get started is very simple.

Simply click the “Get Started Now” button below.

After you click the button, you’ll be asked for your payment information.

After entering your information into our secure payment processing system, you’ll have immediate access to the training which is neatly organized inside the online, member’s only area.

Here’s a video tour showing you what it looks like on the inside:

This access doesn’t go away and does not expire.

Remember, you’re getting lifetime access to “The Saxophone Guru” online training course for the low, one-time investment of just $49.99.

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Don’t delay, as this price is not going to stay this low forever.

If you click off this page, you may not be able to get back in at a price this low.

To your musical success!

PS – Still here? Maybe you have some questions I haven’t answered?

Do I have to know how to read music before I start the course?

Absolutely not. “The Saxophone Guru” will teach you everything you need to know to play the saxophone. No prior experience required.

Is there a monthly fee?

Nope. You get lifetime access to “The Saxophone Guru” for the low, one-time investment of just $49.99.

What if I try it and decide this isn’t for me?

Although the feedback from our students has been positive, if you decide this isn’t for you, simply send an email requesting a refund to sales@saxophoneguru.com, and you’ll receive a prompt refund… No questions asked!

How long will it take to complete “The Saxophone Guru?”

The training is ordered in a logical format, and is designed to be consumed over a few months. With that being said, if you’re a fast learner, you can go through the content as quickly as you like. The best part is, you have lifetime access, so you can repeat any lesson at any time if you need a refresher.

Is sheet music provided?

Yes, sheet music is one of the bonuses that’s provided. You’ll get instant access to sheet music as well as audio tracks that you can play along with as you’re learning.

What happens after I click the “Get Started” button?

You will enter your payment information into our secure payment processor and get instant access to “The Saxophone Guru” course.

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